Saturday, 9 March 2013


Clue 5

Cut 8 squares 2 7/8” from background fabric. Cut from corner to corner to make 16 triangles.

Cut 4 squares 9 1/4” from background cross cut into 16 triangles

Cut 4 squares 3 3/8” from med/dark color#3 fussy cut if necessary.

Lay out block as shown.

Sew small background triangles to ends of flying geese strips.

Sew 2 strips to either end of med/dark square.

Sew 2 large triangles on either side of the other flying geese units. Press and put block together.

Make four 12 ½” blocks





  1. Well I am caught up. I did clue four and five today. It is really looking up. Clue five only turned out 12 and quarter inches. So my blocks are going to be a little smaller. I do it exactually the right measurement and use a quarter inch foot but they are still a little smaller. I am sure I will make it work.

  2. I hope to hear from you soon with clue six. My blocks are looking great.