Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Block 12 Stitch it Central BOM

Cut out templates

cut out piecing papers, fold on lines.

cut out fabric #1 and #2 using template D

Template D #1 and #2

fabric #3
cut out shapes using template E   WRONG SIDE UP
with fabric facing up.

Fabric #4 cut two 2 1/2" by 7 5/8" rectangles. place them right sides up and cut from top right corner to bottom left corner.

#5 cut four of template G

fabric 6 A cut four 4 1/2" by 6" rectangles. place right sides together and cut from top left to bottom right corner forming 8 triangles. (I have the wrong sticker on this fabric in the picture)

6B cut 8 of template B

Place Fabric #5 on Corner foundation on the E1 space

E1 space on corner foundation

Place fabric #1 on Centre foundations

Line up Fabric 6a on corner foundations

Line up fabric #2 with #1 that has already been glued in place on centre foundation papers. make sure you have 1/4 " of fabric sticking past the sewing line. Sew on the line and press open.

adding Fabric #4

Adding Fabric #3

Adding the Last 6b fabric to centre foundation

centre foundation sewing compleat

trim centre foundations even with solid line on foundation.

Finished and trimmed corner foundation

lay out block and sew together. Press

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

stitch it central block #10

 cut out 4 background fabrics using the A template making sure fabric and templates are right sides up
 cut out star pieces using templates C and D layer fabrics right sides up and cut all four pieces at once you need one piece of each colour from each of the C and D templates 
 pin or glue A background to the back side of your paper piecing paper making sure you have a 1/4" seam allowance along the fold

 make sure fabric has the wrong side attached to the wrong side of the paper
 sew small star triangle to background piece along sewing line on the paper, press.
 trim seam to 1/4 " from fold
 line up next piece of background fabric with trimmed edge and sew on the line

 trim fabric 1/4" from fold

procede in the same manner with the other three foundation papers and lay out block place long star points in the proper place and sew them onto the foundation as described above.
 one of the quarter foundations
 trim fabric even with the dotted line on your foundation
 remove paper and lay out block
 sew block quarters together
sew block together