Thursday, 6 December 2012

Clue 2




Traditional piecing:

Cut 32 squares  2 7/8 of dark colour #3 cut from one corner to the other to form 2 triangles from one square. You should have 64 large triangles.

 Cut 32 3 ¼” dark color #1 squares and cross cut them so one square forms 4 triangles. You should have 128 small triangles

Sew small triangles to one edge of the large triangle press open sew triangle to other edge to form flying geese and press.

Make 64 flying geese.

Sew 4 together into a strip making 16 strips.

Units will look like this.
But all the geese will be the same colour.

sorry for taking so long with this clue life has been a bit crazy trying to get the house renovated.


  1. Thanks for posting clue number 2. Can't wair to get started. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Could you tell me how big each flying geese square is after it is put togeather. Thanks

  3. I have clue number two done and anixiously waiting for clue number three. I hope this last block is the right size. It seems smaller than the first blocks. Hope you had a good Christmas. We sure did. Even got some sewing done over the holidays. A great snow day today and got some things accomplished. Have a good day.

  4. thats great glad you have it done. the flying geese are suposed to be smaller this is a two block quilt so they are in a different block than the half square triangles. We had a pretty good Christmas, I havent got much done in the last week since the kids are sick. but hopefully I can get sewing again soon.